Imagine the thrill for Rotary Club of Charlottetown Rotarian, Craig Bradley, when at our Oct. 2nd Club meeting when District Governor, Don Sword, recognized him as a D7820 True Rotarian. Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, joined in to congratulate him!
District Governor Citation: Craig is fondly referred to Craig as Treasurer for Life. He is a fully active Board member, and despite his relatively young age often serves as our corporate memory, pointing out previous decisions and directions, and making sure proper procedures are followed.  When looking for a document it is often easier to ask Craig than try to find it from any other Club source. 
Craig’s commitment to Rotary is exemplary. He is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.
But the true reason for this award is not just for the activities we see Craig perform every meeting, it is for the countless hours behind the scenes.
He has been a central figure in the development, implementation and operation of the bingo fund raiser. He does it all in addition to his duties as Treasurer and Board member. Long before the volunteers show up at the radio station, Craig is busy producing the invoices and setting the retail card allocations for the following week so that the work of the distribution team runs more smoothly. He then takes an active role in the bingo operation, often on the computer managing the game. When the game is over Craig is still on the scene after the other volunteers have gone. He works quietly making sure the cheques are completed, the addresses accurate, and the material ready for the mail.  And he makes sure it gets in the mail. It is Craig that makes a final walk through of the facility making sure it is tidy, the doors locked, and the lights out. When there was a rumble in the bingo machine it was Craig that went to Canadian Tire bought the right sized screw driver and took the machine apart to see what was wrong. When there was a communication challenge between rooms it was Craig that bought walk talkies, and it is Craig that makes sure they are charged each week.
Craig steered the club through the CRA audit of our charitable status, managed the follow up, guided the implementation of recommendations and ensures they are followed.
Craig is an Accountant, Partner, and Tax Specialist at Arsenault Best Cameron and Ellis.
From left to right: RI President Ian Riseley, District Governor Don Sword, Craig Bradley, and Club President Paul Crant.