The following is an Excerpt from the interview with incoming RI President Ian Riseley:
"Riseley stresses that while fun is a vital part of the organization, Rotary must make a difference in the world. At the International Assembly in January, he noted that environmental degradation threatens us all and asked every Rotary Club to plant a tree for each member as a gesture with both practical and symbolic power. 
"Rotary must do more to welcome younger people., who he says face a number of competing demands. They are interested in service and eager to do good, he stresses, but they need options. "We need to offer them an involvement that doesn't waster their time" he says. 
That's one reason he enthusiastically supports the 2016 Council on legislation decesions to give Clubs more flexibility in membership and meetings. "If you want to meet every week, and it suits your club, that's great" he says. "But there are people who can't do that, for whatever reason. To me, the flexibility is really important.""