One former Club Member, Richard Martin, and one current Club member, Peter Boswall, were recently recognized by the Canadian Seed Growers' Association. Richard will be attending the Centennial Dinner this fall.

The below story was copied from CBC PEI website.

Richard Martin has released several fusarium-resistant strains of wheat.

Two P.E.I. provincial employees have been presented with the Honorary Life Award from the Canadian Seed Growers' Association.

Richard Martin was recognized for his research on management of fusarium head blight in wheat. Martin has released a number of fusarium-resistant varieties of wheat. He also ran a nursery where wheat was assessed for fusarium resistance.

P.E.I. agriculture policy analyst Peter Boswall

Peter Boswall has server on the national board of the Canadian Seed Growers Association. (Submitted)

Policy analyst Peter Boswall was described as a lifelong advocate for the pedigreed seed crop program at the P.E.I. Department of Agriculture. He has also served as a national board member at CSGA.

Islanders took two of the three Honorary Life Awards from the association this year. The third went to Dale Adolphe of Saskatchewan, former executive director of the CSGA.