This learning is should be attended by all Club members interested in making the Club irresistible, and those interested in taking a future Leadership role. Also, the learning & training is excellent for existing Executive, Directors, Committee Chairs. If you came last year, please come again! The learning will be different!
Rotary Club of Charlottetown is looking at Succession Planning in Club Leadership. Please let us know if you would like to help make a real difference in your Community by being a Rotary Leader. It would be great if more female Club members came forward since 33% of the Club is female and the percentage is growing! This Mini-Conference is good way to learn more about Rotary.
Mini-Conference:  Saturday, April 8 in PEI 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
What will happen at this interactive TLC day of learning?
  • Professional development and leadership training that will useful in clubs and at work!
  • Separate Breakouts about the roles and responsibilities for Secretaries & Treasurers – learn about the most important tasks of your role, and review best practices and calendars of key dates; Advanced Treasurer session for those interested in establishing a foundation.
  • Effective Meetings for Presidents, Directors and Committee Chairs – learn how to chair a great meeting that is fun and productive … and that members won’t want to miss!  Simply irresistible!
  • Annual Club Planning for All Leaders – you will learn about Effective Planning and actually work on your club’s plan in this working session – this will get you started on the necessary planning for July 1.
  • Foundation, Youth and Membership – critical information that all club leaders need to know.
The “working session” parts of the day will be most beneficial if your club is well represented – the day is open to all members and we strongly encourage your Executive, Directors and Committee Chairs to attend.  If you have members who might be considering leadership roles “down the road”, they are most welcome to participate too. 
A laptop or tablet could be helpful, but not necessary. Please let us know you would like to attend.