On Dec. 18th, the Club had a Mixer at the Hopyard Bar. The Mixer was well attended. We also held a Draw at the Mixer for the Westjet trip. This Draw was won by a Julie Connolly. Of the 60 tickets sold, there were only 5 tickets sold to non-Club members. Julie is a non-Club member and works at Richard & Associates - blame Peter MacDougald. Congratulations Julie!




New Club member, Susie Fraser, Station manager for Westjet, had recommended the Club apply for a free Trip for 2 anywhere that Westjet flies for a fundraiser. This is a program that Westjet has in order to give back to the Community. The approximate value of this trip could be as much as $2,900 retail. The Club had applied for the free trip, and was approved by Westjet. The Board has agreed to do a Lottery Raffle for the Trip. The trip voucher has an expiration date of December 31, 2018. The Ticket Price was set at $50 with only 60 tickets to be sold. Club members had first right to purchase on a first come first serve basis. Club members were allowed to buy multiple tickets.
I would like to thank Susie Fraser for getting us the trip, and Wes MacAleer for getting the Lottery License. Everything was done very efficiently in order to get this Fundraiser done quickly. 
The proceeds from the Draw will be donated to the Tears for Smiles Foundation in Haiti. This is essentially a school that is very short of funds. Club member, Susie Fraser, has been to visit this school. Since this is a fundraiser specifically target to a specific group, it is considered Restricted Funds and falls outside of our Policy for Unrestricted Funds. Because of the timeframes involved, Club approval will be sought in the New Year for the Donation to the Tears for Smiles Foundation.