The Club's 2017 Gold Cup Parade Float was well decorated promoting the 100th Anniversary of Rotary in PEI. Thank you to Della Parker for making the arrangements on only one week's notice. The Rotary Club of Hillsborough was supposed to take care of the Float for this year's Parade but declined at the last minute. There were former Rotary International Exchange students on the Float who were here that week to help us celebrate our 100th Anniversary. In addition, we had the Lazaratos family manning the Float
We would like to thank all the volounteers who served the Seniors and disabled at the Viewing Stand. A list of the volounteers includes: Della & Hal Parker, Bob Moffatt, Wes MacAleer, Mark Triantfillou, Umesh & Sharda Gupta, Katherine Burnett, Mary MacMillan,