Awards Policy: At the December Board meeting, the Board approved an Awards Policy for the Club. We expect to present the new Policy to the Club in January. I would like to thank Moe Rodgerson and the Committee which did an excellent job.
Rotaract Club Formation: We expect a Rotaract Club formation meeting to occur in January at UPEI. There was a preliminary meeting in late November. There was lots of interest in the new possible Club. Director Martin Ruben is leading this initiative. 
Bylaws: We expect to present new Bylaws to the Club for a vote sometime in January or February.
Annual General Meeting:  We expect to have an Annual General Meeting at the Jan. 15th meeting. The AGM will also involve an Election of Officers for the next fiscal year starting July 1st.
Strategic Plan - We are still looking for ideas of the type of Community needs that the Club can fulfill. We cannot donate all the net proceeds from the fundraising to charitable organizations. We should be looking at what we can do as a Club or would like to do. Rotary's new slogan is "Rotary People of Action". Let's see what we can do to live up to that mandate.