Our Club was honoured by the presence and wishes to thank the many Past Presidents for all that they have done.
President Paul Crant thanks Past President, Wes MacAleer for a great year. Wes played a big role in the future of the Club by helping ensure that the new Radio Bingo fundraiser was successful. The Bingo is the fundraiser that our Club needed, in order for our members to be make a real difference in the Community. Having a successful Fundraiser was a critical step in the success of the Club and was Step 2 of a 3 Step Plan to revitalize the Club that was put in place 1.5 years ago.
Step 1 - Increase the membership so that we could undertake Step 2
Step 2 - New major fundraiser
Step 3 - New Service Projects which engages the Club & the Community
Past President Wes MacAleer congratulating, Incoming President, Paul Crant, with meeting Chair, Chelsey Rogerson.
Incoming Boards specific Objectives or Goals for 2017-2018:
  • Final Report from the Committee on Donations Strategy expected in late September based on the feedback from the member about how they would like to see fundraising proceeds used in the Community
  • Recruit 15 New Members to grow the Membership to 100 by June 30th, 2018
  • Improve Club Meeting Attendance/Engagement Index to 70% from 66%
  • ​​​​​​Chase the Ace type Draw called the “Queen of Hearts" if the retailers are onside
  • Establish a New Vocational Award: recognizing Community Entrepreneurs/Professionals who demonstrate Service above Self
  • Establish a new Role "Engagement Manager" which would act as a protector of members from being asked to serve on too many Committees, and in some cases, encourage others to be more engaged 
  • Easter Seals is to incorporate and apply for its own Charitable Trust.
  • The Club has unrestricted money in the different areas. Figure out a Plan for deploying the funds for the good of the Community