On Nov. 27th, Club Member and Chair of the Donations Strategy Committee, presented the Policy for Unrestricted Funds to the Club. After some discussion, the Policy was passed by the membership. Thank you Marilyn for taking this task on and thank you to that Committee who worked on this for 5 months. There were 16 or more Drafts of the Policy before it was placed before the Membership.

Policy for Unrestricted Funds Guiding Principles:

  1. Funding allocations will be made to applicable RCC projects or programs, recognized nonprofits/charities/NGOs, or businesses with a social impact mandate
  2. Notwithstanding International focused Donations or Projects , for Rotary Club Programs or Donations based in PEI, the RCC will give priority to activities that have a provincial or community mandate and have a focus on youth or seniors in areas of community development, or poverty reduction, or education and entrepreneurship, or health
  3. RCC will give priority to activities or organizations that provide services directly to their own constituents
  4. RCC will give priority to activities which support the objectives and goals of the Club and will always require recognition of RCC as an activity / organization supporter 
  5. Funds allocated for projects may or may not be spent in that fiscal year, but can be rolled over to allow for larger cumulative project expenditures
  6. RCC will only allocate funds in the current fiscal year that were raised in the previous fiscal year; multi-year commitments would have to be fully allocated from the funds available in the year of application 
  7. Funds will not be allocated for retroactive requests
  8. RCC will minimize funds allocated to primarily government-supported projects or programs, and will not support religious or political organizations, or well-funded national organizations
  9. RCC will not fund external projects or activities that require RCC direct management without prior approval of Board and Club
  10. Bingo funds cannot be used for Club operational expenses