Rotary Radio Bingo PEI


LIVE every Tuesday Night: 7PM - 8PM on CFCY the Island’s Country music station, 95.1FM

        Phone number: (902) 892-1066

        Cost: $8.00 for 6 games- 6 cards per game  

        Full Card- minimum $3,000.00 (50 numbers or less)

                Game #1 - One Line or Four Corners- $100.00 (olive)

                Game #2 - Any 2 Lines or 1 line and 4 corners- $125.00 (brown)

                Game #3 - Any 2 Corners Postage Stamp- $150.00 (red)

                Game #4 - All Around the Free- $200.00 (purple)

                Game #5- 1 Letter X - $300.00 (black)

                Game #6- Full Card (aqua)                                                                                                                                                                                              

If won in 50 numbers or less Full Card JACKPOT is $3,000.00. If the JACKPOT is not won in 50 numbers or less, the consolation prize is $500.00. The JACKPOT will increase by $100.00 each week to a maximum of $4,000.00 until won. We will increase the number that the Jackpot can be won by 1 number each week until the Jackpot has been won. 

Minimum payout paid to winners per game is $20.00 when multiple winners.   

Important Notice: Bingo Cards Are Only Valid the Week They Are Purchased                                                   

Must be 16 years of age or above in order to play.  

Win Rules:
1. When a winner calls in claiming a "win" the number that they win on will be the last number called.
2. Winning cards must be verified before each game is closed.
3. Winnings will be paid by cheque, sent by mail following the program
All proceeds will be used for the good of our communities

Approved by the Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission- license #15333