The Guardian Article on Rotary Radio Bingo March 29th

Rotary Club of Charlottetown radio bingo benefitting P.E.I. charities

Published: Mar 29 at 7:13 a.m.
Allie MacDonald, promotions co-ordinator at CFCY, and Moe Rodgerson, board member with the Rotary Club of Charlottetown, get ready to call the numbers during Rotary’s weekly radio bingo fundraiser.
Allie MacDonald, promotions co-ordinator at CFCY, and Moe Rodgerson, board member with the Rotary Club of Charlottetown, get ready to call the numbers during Rotary’s weekly radio bingo fundraiser. - Katie Smith

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Organizations across P.E.I. are reaping the rewards of a radio bingo fundraiser.

The Rotary Club of Charlottetown, in partnership with CFCY, began the fundraiser in the fall of 2016.

Thanks to the many participants, the first $50,000 in funds raised has been doled out to various charitable organizations.

Chelsey Rogerson, publicity director for the Rotary Club of Charlottetown, said the club was looking for new fundraising ideas and heard of a similar one in New Brunswick and decided to see if it would work on the Island.

Members of the board approached the radio station, and soon the fundraiser was underway, Rogerson said.

“All you have to do is be at home listening to 95.1 FM,” Rogerson said. “You play bingo from the comfort of your own home.”

Rotary radio bingo takes place each Tuesday at 7 p.m. on 95.1 FM. Bingo cards can be purchased at convenience stores and pharmacies Islandwide at a cost of $8 per card.

Each card allows the player to play six games.

Prizes range from $100 to $500 depending on the game, and there’s a jackpot that players can participate in as well.

Two weeks ago, a jackpot of $3,400 was paid out to one lucky player.

“It’s really popular,” she said, adding it’s difficult to know how many people play each week, as some often will play more than one card. “Really hardcore bingo players, they can play a few different cards at the same time.”

Eight Island businesses have received money through the first round of Rotary donations, including $15,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Charlottetown, which will help refurbish a school bus so children and youth will have the opportunity to participate in field trips.

The Children’s Wish Foundation of P.E.I. received $10,000 from the radio bingo fundraiser, which will support one complete wish for an Island child.

Other organizations that have received funding include the 55+ Games Society of P.E.I., the P.E.I. Business Women’s Association, Murphy’s Community Centre Charlottetown Teen Zone, Wild Child Forest School, the Alzheimer’s Association of P.E.I. and Elder Dog P.E.I.






Bunny Hop Race for Easter Seals PEI

A 40-year-old Easter tradition continued in Charlottetown with the annual Bunny Hop Easter Race on Saturday, March 31st. The 5K and 10K races drew more than 100 participants, raising money for Easter Seals PEI. Running since 1978, the Bunny Hop marks the beginning of the spring racing season for many on the Island. 

Nick Robertson : “I’m very happy with my time and placing, and am very grateful to race alongside such great athletes,” he said. “It’s awesome to finally make the switch in my career from 5 to 10K, and I’m excited to see what the future brings.”

Finishing in second place was Vincent Merriam, with a time of 36:29, followed by Mike Peterson at 37:01.
Finishing first among females was Leanne Vessey, with a time of 40:42, followed by Charlotte Gardiner at 41:33, and Maureen Peters at 45:39.
In the 5K race, Alec Brown cruised well ahead of the pack to win the race with a time of 17:40.
Finishing in second place was Samuel Peterson, with a time of 19:20, followed by top female finisher Tori Fitzpatrick at 19:32. Finishing second among females was Michaela Walker at 20:30, followed by third place male Phil Byrne at 21:40, while third among females was Tatiana Kelly at 22:18.
A total of 56 finished the 5K race, while 49 more crossed the line for the 10K.
Easter Seals PEI would like to thank the Hasham's Variety and the PEI Roadrunners Club for their efforts.
Guest Speaker, Julie Vasseur Nature Conservancy of Canada 

On March 26th, we heard from Julie Vasseur, Program Director for the Nature Conservancy of Canada / Conservation de la nature Canada on PEI. They've conserved almost 5,000 acres on PEI! Learn more here:

Photo left to right: Daphne Dumont, Julie Vasseur, Club President Paul Crant

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Donations this Fiscal Year
During our first round of donations, we were so pleased to donate $50,000 to Island organizations which will impact our local communities
55+ Games Society                                    $ 6,500.00
Alzheimer Society of PEI                             $ 3,000.00
Boys & Girls Club of Charlottetown               $15,000.00
Children's Wish PEI                                     $10,000.00
Elder Dog PEI                                             $ 2,000.00
PEI Women's Business Association               $7,000.00
PEI Wild Child Forest School                        $ 5,000.00
Total                                                          $50,000.00
After donating our first $50,000 - we have also had the opportunity to help even more!

Mikinduri Children of Hope                                                     $20,000.00
Birchwood School Library                                                       $ 7,500.00
Paramedic Association of PEI                                                  $ 2,000.00
Shelterbox                                                                            $ 1,000.00
CFCY Christmas Miracle Campaign                                          $    500.00 
Queens County Music Festival for the Audrey Gillis Award         $    250.00
New Grand Total from the Bingo Funds                             $80,750.00
Here is a list of what this Club has done this fiscal year to date in terms of other donations:
Tears for Smiles (Haitian School)           $3,000.00
Easter Seals Provincial Committee (Charitable Trust): 
The Arthritis Society of PEI                         $1,500.00
Autism Society of PEI                                 $3,000.00
Camp Gencheff Camp Gencheff                   $22,000.00
Community Inclusions (Western)                 $5,000.00
Cerebral Palsy Association                           $2,500.00
Joyriders Therapeutic Riding Association       $7,500.00
PEI Ground Search & Rescue                       $15,000.00
Prince Street School                                   $1,500.00
Total                                                         $58,000.00
Donations from the Provincial Easter Seals Committee for disbursement to the Rotary Club’s of PEI (Charitable Trust) as follows:

RCC Charlottetown    $32,213.20
RCC Summerside      $18,345.40
RCC Montague          $  7,441.40
Total                       $58,000.00
Donations this fiscal year from the Charlottetown Club portion of the Charitable Trust:  
Pat & The Elephant                           $25,000.00
Camp Gencheff                                 $15,000.00
Polioplus                                           $ 3,000.00
Total                                                $53,000.00
Grand Total: $252,750.00
Ribfest PEI
At our meeting on Feb. 26th, our Club voted in favour in principle to do the Ribfest fundraiser.
Ribfest PEI is being proposed as a three-day community based, family-oriented event that will be organized by the Rotary Club of Charlottetown. The event will be held July 27-29, 2018 at the Confederation Landing Park. The event will include three Ribbers who are internationally renowned for competing for top awards, a fries and lemonade vendor, a group of local businesses that will participate in an on-site Vendor's Village, a children's play zone, a beverage tent, a beer tent and an entertainment stage which will feature entertainment for all ages.
Ribfest PEI revenue will allow Rotary to operate and continue its Community and International Projects in support of Youth, Seniors, Health, Education and Peace.
Please note that at this point much work on this has been done including a Logo, Sponsorship Package, and website. We will begin calling potential Sponsors over the next couple of weeks. However, many details still need to be decided.
We are partnering on this event with the Rotary Club of Hillsborough.
Donation: Birchwood School Library Books
On March 26th, we were pleased to present Angus Orford, and Erin Costello, President of the Birchwood Home & School Association with a donation of $7,500 to purchase library books for the Birchwood School Library. We are pleased we can help out. The current library does not meet the needs of the student population with the recent influx of students due to re-zoning. 
Mikinduri Children of Hope Update

Please see what our $20,000 has done with update below from Mikinduri Children of Hope website Blog:

2018 Trip Blog #8

Written February 10, 2018

Pipelines on Mageta Island

Although Mageta Island is surrounded by Lake Victoria, there is a huge issue with water access.  The interior of the island is extremely hot, dry and dusty. As we drive along on ‘Picky-Pickies’ (motorbikes), we get so dirty that our drivers dust us off when we arrive at our destination.

MCOH has been raising money to supply pipelines on Mageta Island. We came here to help install 2 pipelines, one to a Health Centre and one to a School.

Liz, director of Beyond Limitations, did an amazing  job of mobilizing the community.  The trenches at both locations were dug and ready for pipe even before we arrived.  It would have been hard digging with the rocky terrain and stinging plants.  At one location is was so bad that we walked IN the trench to go to the Lake.

All of the supplies needed to build the pipeline arrived at the Island the same time we did.  You can imagine our surprise when we finished our ‘Meet and Greet’ with the Health Centre staff and volunteers to see the plumber already fusing the pieces of pipe together.  

When we arrived the next morning to help in whatever way we could, the pipe was already just a few feet away from the lake.

Before the line could be completed, the pump needed to be tested. When the pump was turned on the water flow was so strong that the attachment used to connect it to the pipe sprayed water and could not withstand the force. When the attachment came off the water flowed back down the pipe and we were amazed at the amount of water that was pushed through in about 10 seconds.


The pump was good and soon after the permanent connection was completed.  Water was pumped to the Health Centre into giant 10,000 litre tanks.  It was amazing to see the water pour out of the tap.

At the School, within 24 hours water was pumping.  As water gushed through the pipe our hearts were filled with joy and excitement.  Water containers were quickly filled before the pump was turned off to complete the permanent connection.

Work still being done is connecting the water directly to areas of the health centre like the Maternity Ward and Lab.  We are hoping this will be completed before we leave, but if not we have full faith in our Kenyan Team to make sure it is followed through.

Cheri, Brittanie, George, Kathy and Tracy









New Member, Bob Brooks

On March 19th, we welcomed new member Bob Brooks to our Club. Bob moved to PEI from Yellowknife. He and his wife are restoring a 148 year old home in Belle River. He is an avid volunteer and was an active member of the Rotary Club of Yellowknife.

Photo left to right: President Paul Crant, Bob Brooks, Past-President and sponsor, Wes MacAleer.






Guest Speaker: Tracy Comeau of the QEH Foundation 

At our March 19th meeting, we heard from Tracey Comeau, CEO of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation, and Kelly Lund, Manager of Physical Medicine for the QEH.

Since its inception, the QEH Foundation has purchased more than $50 million dollars of medical equipment for the hospital.

Thank you to the team at the QEH Foundation for the incredible work you do and thank you to everyone who has donated to this worthy cause. #ServiceAboveSelf

Left to right: Emma Fugate, Tracey Comeau, Kelly Lund, Bob Sear (Chair of the QEH Foundation), Paul Crant.

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Rotaract Club of UPEI Chartered 
Rotaract Club of UPEI is Chartered
Press Release: 
President Paul Crant of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown is pleased to announce that the club has sponsored a school based Rotaract Club at the University of Prince Edward Island. 
The club’s charter is on its way from Rotary International at the time of this newsletter.  The new club is meeting in the Don and Marion McDougall Hall at 2:00 pm on Fridays.
The charter club executive is: 
Berk Erbas, President
Jeremy Xu, Vice President
Emily Caldwell, Secretery
Kai Chen, Treasurer
“It is a real privilege to see this club start up with so much enthusiasm”, said Martin Ruben, Director of Fundraising and Rotaract liaison, “Along with Rotarian Michael Morrison, we have enjoyed working with the Rotaract adviser at UPEI, Richelle Greathouse, to facilitate the creation and operation of the club.”
The Rotaract Club of UPEI has chosen mental health as its focus for 2018.  In the coming weeks and months, it will be holding fundraisers to support Lennon Recovery House Association who are creating a facility in the village of Rustico.
“Our club chose mental health as our focus as there appears to be a critical need in the community for better facilities,” said Rotaractor Berk.  “We are thrilled to be contributing to the community in such an important manner.”
The club expects to have about 25 members for its charter night when it is arranged.  In addition to its focus on mental health, the club will be liaising with Rotarians in PEI to familiarize themselves with the job markets and to better understand the community in which they are studying.  Ideally, for Rotaractors who wish to start out their careers in PEI, they will have a significant advantage over those students who will not have the same experience.
As well as students from UPEI, the new Rotaract club will be looking for new members at Holland College in Charlottetown.  Many students there have already expressed an interest in becoming Rotaractors. 
Right: President Berk (left) and Vice President Jeremy (right) met PEI Premier Wade McLaughlin at the Premier's Dinner on Feb 5th, organized by the Island Rotary Clubs.
Below: Rotaractors having a Bake Sale to raise money for Lennon Recovery House on March 15th and 16th.
Below right: group picture of many of the members of the new Club.
Guest Speaker Kelly Mullaly 4H Club

On March 12th, Kelly Mullaly, from the PEI 4-H, spoke to our Club about the important skills that 4H-ers learn by doing! 4-H is a family-oriented, community-based, youth organization which provides opportunities for leadership and life skill development all while promoting agriculture awareness.


Did You Know? 4-H is the longest running youth organization in Canada. To learn more about 4-H on PEI, visit their website at

From left to right: John Scale, Club member and 4H volounteer, Kelly Mullay, and Paul Crant.







Donation: Elder Dog PEI 

Most of the below is copied from an online CBC new article written by Kevin Yarr.

The Rotary Club of Charlottetown has donated $2,000 to launch a project to help keep seniors and their dogs together.

A Helping Paw is an initiative of ElderDog, a national non-profit which has been operating on P.E.I. since 2014.

The Helping Paw project will help seniors in the Charlottetown area with financial support for vet care, food and grooming.

"There's a lot of scientific research out there that shows how important the human-animal bond is, and I think it really is particularly true when it comes to seniors," said Kelly Mullally of ElderDog.

"It makes a lot of difference in their physical health, in their mental health, and in their ability not to feel isolated. And the animals that live with seniors have a pretty good life too because they have a constant companion there all the time."

The ElderDog group is looking for seniors who are struggling with the care of their dogs and meet Revenue Canada's low-income guidelines.

Tonya Dicks of Elderdog attended our meeting in March 5th to express her appreciation for the Club's support for this project.   





Guest Speakers, MP Sean Casey & Honourable Scott Brison
On March 5th, we had two Guest Speakers, Honourable Minister Scott Brison, and Charlottetown MP Sean Casey. We would like to thank them for speaking to our Club today about the Atlantic Growth Strategy, and the new Federal Budget. Mr. Brison reviewed the 6 tiers of the Atlantic Growth Strategy: Governance, Immigration/Skilled Work Force, Innovation, Clean Growth and Climate Change, Trade and Investment, and Infrastructure. He was very appreciative of our Club's efforts to retain International students through the new Rotaract Club of UPEI and fits nicely into the Atlantic Growth Strategy.
Donation: Alzheimer Society of PEI

At our Feb. 26th meeting, we were pleased to present the Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward Island with a $3,000 donation. CEO, Corrinne Hendricken-Eldershaw also spoke to the Club to thank us for our support.

This funding will enable the Society to offer a social group on Friday's for caregivers and their loved ones living with dementia. It will focus on activities that are known to reduce the risk of dementia and slow down disease-progression - this innovative programming will include activities that can be used at home as well!

Thank you for supporting Rotary Radio Bingo - without your support, we wouldn't be able to fund important projects like this one! See you tomorrow night at 7 PM on 95.1 FM CFCY.






Guest Speaker: Peter Boswall
At our Feb. 26th meeting, Club Member Peter Boswall spoke about Climate Change and its Impact on PEI Crops:Past,Present and Future. Thank you Peter for an excellent presentation.
Club Member Angus Orford receives Catherine G. Hennessey Award

The below article appeared in The Guardian on Feb. 21st.

Residents receive City of Charlottetown’s highest heritage honour

Published: Feb 20 at 6:39 p.m.
Updated: Feb 20 at 6:48 p.m.
Angus Orford and his wife, Karen Rose, received the City of Charlottetown’s highest heritage honour on Tuesday, the Catherine G. Hennessey Award, for their ongoing efforts at their home at 96 Prince St.
Angus Orford and his wife, Karen Rose, received the City of Charlottetown’s highest heritage honour on Tuesday, the Catherine G. Hennessey Award, for their ongoing efforts at their home at 96 Prince St. - Dave Stewart

More than a century of history emanates from Angus Orford and Karen Rose’s home on Prince Street.

The couple purchased the home in 2003 when it was, at the time, divided into four apartment units.

They eventually went to Ontario to work for nine years before returning home, deciding to live downtown, and returning their house at 96 Prince St. to its former glory.

The plan was always to keep the best historical features of the home, which was originally constructed in 1879 and is known as the Houle House. The home was originally owned by H.H. Houle, the track master of the P.E.I. railway, who planned the house with architects David Stirling and William Critchlow Harris.

“It’s been a labour of love over the last few years,’’ Orford says. “A project like this, you don’t do it all at once but you get a lot of intrinsic enjoyment out of it.’’

On Tuesday, the City of Charlottetown handed out its heritage awards, the most prestigious being the Catherine G. Hennessey Award, which went to Orford and Rose. The couple also won a heritage award for their efforts last year.

The awards honour people and organizations in the community who have worked hard to preserve and celebrate municipal heritage.

“Karen had come up with some absolutely brilliant ideas, modernizing the inside of the house and maintaining and preserving the historical significance of it,’’ says Orford.

Well-known historian Catherine Hennessey presents an award named in her honour to Angus Orford in Charlottetown on Tuesday. Also pictured is Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. Orford and his wife, Karen Rose (not pictured), were recognized for their restoration efforts of their home at 96 Prince St.
Well-known historian Catherine Hennessey presents an award named in her honour to Angus Orford in Charlottetown on Tuesday. Also pictured is Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. Orford and his wife, Karen Rose (not pictured), were recognized for their restoration efforts of their home at 96 Prince St.

The winners
The City of Charlottetown presented heritage awards to the following individuals or groups:

  • Brooke and Gina MacMillan for the reconstruction of the side verandah of the 1897 Hillhurst Inn at 181 Fitzroy St.
  • Leonard Cusack for the book on Owen Connolly, entitled “Owen Connolly: The Making of a Legacy 1820-2016’’
  • Paul Coles for the renovation of his property at 2-6 Hillsborough St.
  • The Victoria Row Merchants Association for its efforts in re-energizing the Richmond Street streetscape (Victoria Row) over the years
  • Angus Orford and Karen Rose received the Catherine G. Hennessey Award, presented annually to a person or group whose efforts have increased the appreciation of Charlottetown, stimulated love for the community or helped shape the city

The old cast iron radiators were removed, sandblasted and re-painted. They also had the exterior brick work cleaned and repointed and they’re changing out all the windows, basically bringing out all the significant high Victorian architecture.

Although the city’s heritage designation refers to the building’s exterior, Orford and Rose have been able to keep many of the heritage aspects inside the house while also improving energy efficiency.

For example, a painted ceiling in the ground-floor living room is said to have been painted by a classmate of well-known artist Robert Harris.

“This particular property is 140 years (old) and it is going to be around a lot longer than any of us are going to be,’’ Orford says. “We’ve been able to enjoy making it a very attractive living space.’’

Related: City of Charlottetown presents Heritage Awards

Paul Coles, who renovates homes for a living, also received a heritage award on Tuesday for the renovation of his property at 2-6 Hillsborough St.

“I bought probably the worst looking building in the city,’’ Coles laughed before noting that fixing up a home in the 500 Lots Area is a careful balancing act between returning a building to its former glory without making it look too modern and out of place.

As part of the heritage awards, the city also rolled out an exhibit called “Heat, Lights and the Devil Wagon: The History of Energy and Innovation in Charlottetown’’. The pop-up exhibit will be featured in the storefront windows of the planning and heritage department at 223 Queen St.

Historic images from the city’s collection and artifacts from the P.E.I. Museum and individual donors will be on exhibit in the space until March 26. Excerpts from the exhibit are also available on the city’s Facebook page and twitter feed.






UPEI to confer four honorary degrees: Wes MacAleer & Anne Love

Article copied from The Guardian on Feb. 28th

UPEI to confer four honorary degrees at convocation

The Guardian
Published: Feb 28 at 1:05 p.m.
Updated: Feb 28 at 1:11 p.m.
FILE PHOTO: Wes MacAleer.
FILE PHOTO: Wes MacAleer. - Submitted

Four individuals who are leaders in their fields will be awarded honorary doctor of laws degrees at the University of Prince Edward Island’s convocation ceremonies on May 12.

Bill LeClair, Anne Love (née Michael), Wes MacAleer and Anne Smith

UPEI president Alaa Abd-El-Aziz says each of the recipients is a distinguished individual who has made a significant impact in his or her field and the university community.

LeClair graduated in UPEI’s first class in 1970. He was president of the student union and was named life-president for the class of 1970 by his fellow students. LeClair has been a long-time volunteer with the Calgary Friends of UPEI, being the driving force behind a $1 million endowment to support Alberta students to attend UPEI. He also created an award for a varsity athlete and is a huge advocate of UPEI, recruiting students through his passion for his alma mater.

Love is an avid supporter of post-secondary education and served as president of the University Women’s Group, an organization that raised money for scholarship funds, welcomed the spouses of new faculty members, and greatly contributed to campus social life by organizing many events. In 2001, she was awarded the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. She and her late husband, retired math professor Dr. Harry Love, established an endowment fund at UPEI to support an award to recognize student achievement in perpetuity. She was named a UPEI Founder in 2003, and Dr. Love was named a Founder in 2007—making them UPEI’s only Founders couple.

MacAleer is a graduate of Saint Dunstan’s University’s Class of 1966, and has served as a member of the UPEI board of governors, alumni representative on the UPEI senate and served for six years as the chair of the Nichola K. S. Goddard Foundation fundraising dinner. For decades, he has personally supported a scholarship in memory of his brother, Noel, an engineering student who died while studying at UPEI. MacAleer’s contributions to the Island community have been recognized through numerous medals and awards, including the 2014 PEI Humanitarian of the Year.

Smith was a trailblazer in a male-dominated profession and a role model to many women who followed in her path when she became an investment adviser. She became a Designated Certified Investment Manager and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, one of the highest honours in her field. She served on the UPEI board of governors from 1987 to 1995. Members of her family—sons Stephen and Andrew and grandsons Alex and Ben—are graduates of the University, and a granddaughter is a student in the Faculty of Nursing. Smith has given back to her community in countless ways, including currently as a volunteer with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation.

“They are excellent role models for our graduates,” said Abd-El-Aziz. “By conferring them with honorary doctor of laws degrees, we acknowledge and thank them for their many contributions to society.”

Convocation ceremonies will take place on Saturday, May 12, in the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre with the morning ceremony beginning at 10 a.m. and the afternoon ceremony at 2:30 p.m.






Donation: Children's Wish Foundation PEI
At our Feb. 12th meeting, we presented Beth Corney Gauthier, Provincial Chapter Director, of Children's Wish PEI with a cheque for $10,000. This will pay for one child's wish.
From Left to right: Jim Travers, Beth Corney Gauthier, and Paul Crant.
Easter Seals PEI presents Easter Seals Ambassador 2018 Brayden White 

From The Guardian newspaper Feb. 13th: 

UPDATE: Georgetown student Brayden White chosen as P.E.I.'s 2018 Easter Seals Ambassador

Published: Feb 12 at 3:42 p.m.
Updated: Feb 12 at 6:22 p.m.
2018 Easter Seals Ambassador Brayden White is congratulated by his father, Melvin Ford, during the campaign kickoff at the Charlottetown Hotel on Monday.
2018 Easter Seals Ambassador Brayden White is congratulated by his father, Melvin Ford, during the campaign kickoff at the Charlottetown Hotel on Monday. - Sally Cole

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Brayden White skipped school Monday, but no adults seemed to mind.

Brayden White, 12, of Georgetown is the 2018 Easter Seals campaign ambassador for P.E.I.
Brayden White, 12, of Georgetown is the 2018 Easter Seals campaign ambassador for P.E.I.

He had to attend a luncheon in his honour.


The Grade 7 student at Georgetown School was introduced as the 2018 Easter Seals Ambassador during the campaign kick-off in Charlottetown.

Brayden, who has Down syndrome, says he can’t wait to start his duties – visiting 65 Island schools during the Tim Hortons Ambassador’s School Tour in April.

“I’m so excited,” said Brayden, 12, smiling and waving to people, as he made his way to the head table during the noontime meeting of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown.

The son of Melvin Ford and the late Jennifer White loves his family, including his brother Keighan and sister Alysa.

He also loves sports, horse racing and camp.

“Soccer, basketball and hockey are my favourites. I also like to sing and play the guitar,” says Brayden, adding his two Island favourite singers are Barry O’Brien and Frank Whitty.

He’s hoping these P.E.I. musicians will come along with him on the school tour.

“It’s going to be fun. We’ll meet lots of kids. And we’ll collect lots of money.”

The 2018 campaign promises to be an exciting one, says the chairwoman of the 2018 Easter Seals Campaign.

“Our ambassador, Brayden, is a charming and amazing young man. And I love his motto, Be brave, never give up. He’s truly an example of that,” says Edna Reid.

Money raised from the campaign sends children to summer camp, gives people the benefit of therapeutic horseback riding. It also puts lifesaving tracking bracelets on wrists and provides summer tutoring.

“I’m looking forward to working with Brayden on this campaign,” Reid says.

Get to know Brayden White

  • Favourite artist: Alan Jackson
  • Favourite song: “It's Five O' Clock Somewhere”
  • Favourite activity: Cooking breakfast with his father
  • Favourite food: Oatmeal with brown sugar
Meet the new Easter Seals Ambassador, Brayden White


My name is Brayden White and I am a grade 7 student at Georgetown Elementary.  I am very excited to be the Easter Seals Ambassador for 2018.


I live at home with my Dad, Melvin and I have a brother, Keighan and a sister, Alysa.

Georgetown Elementary is great.  It is small and everyone knows me.  I get to be with my best friends every day.  Everyone is my best friend.

I have three teachers, George Trevor (he is my principal), Darlene Bradley and Carol Anne McLeod.  They help me learn better every day.  I am learning lots because of them.

I love to play sports.  My favorite sport is hockey, but I like basketball and soccer too.  I love to go to the horse races and my favorite driver is Marc Campbell.

I am very good at helping my dad.  I always put away my clothes and listen really well.

I have Down Syndrome. I know that I learn slower than most people, but I am smart and I learn the same as everyone.  It just takes me longer.  I am just like you.  I am no different.  My dad always says that someday I will be able to live on my own and have a job.

I like to go to camp.  I went to camp for a couple years at Camp Gencheff.  I had fun but missed my dad.

Thank you all for helping Easter Seals.  It means that other kids like me can go to camp and that we can do special things.  You are part of our family too.

Thank you!

Brayden White








Easter Seals Kick Off Feb. 12th
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Annual State of the Province Address Feb. 5th
Thank you to all Club members who came out to the Delta Hotels by Marriott Prince Edward on Feb. 5th for the Annual State of the Province Address by Premier Wade MacLauchlan
Premier MacLauchlan delivered his speech focusing on the Island's business strengths, and what he'd like to see in the future.
MacLauchlan highlighted several figures from Statistics Canada that indicate positive growth for P.E.I. He noted the province's nominal GDP growth from 2012 to 2017 is similar to the national rate, and ahead of the other Atlantic provinces.
"The point of this is not to do better than the other provinces, it's to really see how we're doing and to understand how we can make it continue," he said. 




One of the province's main challenges, MacLauchlan said, will be meeting workforce demands. He noted it is already a challenge to recruit workers for some industries, such as the service industry and construction.  

We have to be sure that we're encouraging our own people to be able to have the skills," MacLauchlan said. He also mentioned the importance of newcomers in the workforce.

"One of the ways in which we can be sure that we're attending to this, or making sure that we will have the workforce of the future, is to tell each other. And in particular to tell our young people that there are opportunities." 

Donation: Murphy's Community Centre Teen Zone

At our Jan. 29th meeting, we donated $1,500 to the Murphy's Community Centre Teen Zone for their Life Skills Program.

The program provides a safe environment for local youth in and around the Charlottetown area and teaches them critical life skills such as cooking, personal hygiene, life balance, career building and more.

Pictured left to right: Derek Tweel, Kaitlin McManus, Kim Grant, and Paul Crant.






Guest Speaker: Joshua Collins
At our Jan. 29th meeting, we had Guest Speaker, Joshua Collins, with the Province of PEI, is chatting with our Club today about the National Building Code to be implemented in PEI.
Donation: Boys and Girls Club Charlottetown

At our Jan. 22 meeting, Amanda Beazley, Executive Director, and Callen Cudmore, of the Boys and Girls Club of Charlottetown were our guests.  Amanda accepted our generous cheque in support of their "Oh the Places We'll Go" project! This funding will help their Club buy a bus to transport kids on field trips. The bus will allow children to explore new places, experience Island culture and engage with communities across PEI!





Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Hartley

At our Jan. 22 meeting, we welcomed Dr. Susan Hartley as our guest speaker. She is the only Rotary Peace Fellow from Prince Edward Island.

In just over a decade, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,000 fellows for careers in peacebuilding. Many of them are serving as leaders at international organizations or have started their own foundations.

Click here to learn more:

From Left to right: Ron Profit, Emma Fugate, Dr. Susan Hartley, and Paul Crant.

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Annual General Meeting
At the Annual General Meeting on Jan. 15, 2018, we elected the 2018-2019 Rotary Club of Charlottetown Board:
President           - Peter MacDougald
Past- President  - Paul Crant
Vice- President  - Wes MacAleer
President elect   - Martin Ruben
Secretary          - Regan Lewis
Treasurer          - Craig Bradley
Director Club Service A             - Chelsea Rogerson
Director Club Service B            - Della Parker
Director Community Service     - Emma Fugate
Director International Service   - Bob Moffat
Director Youth Services            - Martin Ruben
Director Vocational Services     - Moe Rodgerson
Past President, Wes MacAleer, President Paul Crant, and President Elect Peter MacDougald want to thank last year's Board, this year's Board for their service this year, and wish good luck to the incoming Board. 
Donation: 55+ Games Society
At our Jan. 8th meeting, we were thrilled to present a cheque for $6,500 to the PEI 55+ Games Society for transportation and promotion of the Games. The 55+ Games are a wonderful opportunity for Islanders from tip to tip to get together to socialize, stay active, and engage in some friendly competition!
From left to right: RCC President, Paul Crant, Dhuey Pratt, President of the 55+ Games Society, and Marilyn Lowther, Chair of the RCC Donations Assessment Committee. 
Guest Speaker Jan. 8th, Dawn Binns
Our guest speaker on Jan. 8th was Dawn Binns, co-owner of Insight Studio. Dawn spoke to our club about the importance of branding and online marketing and the power of social media.
New Year's Levee 2018


Happy New Year! Thank you to all who stopped in at our New Years Levee. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018!
Here are a few of the pictures:  
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