Park Canada's Greg Shaw Restoration of Province House
At the Rotary Club of Charlottetown meeting on June 26th, Greg Shaw of Parks Canada is welcomed by Meeting Chair Jim Macnutt and Co-chair David Keenlyside. Greg spoke on "Restoration of the Provincial House".
Rotary Club of Charlottetown Community Service Award Marlee Gregory
The Rotary Club of Charlottetown has recognized, Marlee Gregory for her exemplary contributions to the Community. Marlee is only 18 years old and has been a tireless volounteer for a large number of charities and organizations. Marlee is seen here being congratulated by Rotarians Della Parker and President Wes MacAleer.
Past District Governor Wayne Hambly Paul Harris +7 

Congratulations to Past District Governor and Entrepreneur, Wayne Hambly, on receiving a Paul Harris Fellow + 7 today!

He joins other Paul Harris Fellows such as U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, U.S. astronaut James Lovell and UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar.

Click here to learn more:…/history-paul-harris-fellow-recogni…

Wayne is below here being congratulated with Club RI Foundation Chair, Larry Sider & President Wes MacAleer


Club's Strategic Direction Update
A Survey was sent to the Membership on June 14th soliciting feedback on a number of questions like what defines us as a Club strategically, how we want to be seen, what do we want to support, how involved do we want to be in the donations we make, what types of projects do we want to be involved in, how much should be donated to International projects, and how do we donate funds back to the rural areas where some of the bingo proceeds were generated. We have allowed until June 26th to answer the Survey. Once the results of the Survey have been analyzed by a Committee Chaired by Marilyn Lowther, there will be some Committee meetings, and some one on one discussions with various members if questions arise which need to be clarified. The results of the survey, additional discussions, and Committee meetings, will be presented to the Board and to the Club. We expect this to be completed by late September.
Youth Exchange: Goodbye to Naomi 
On Monday, June 12, our Club said goodbye to Inbound International Youth Exchange student, Naomi Ascencio. Noami gave her thanks to the Club for a great year. She is recommending Youth Exchange to all her friends at home in France. She starts the Youth Exchange Cross Canada tour soon before heading back home to Toulouse in July. Thanks to Naomi for being a great representative of your country.
Naomi with her first host parent, Sharon McGuigan
Naomi with her second host family, James & Adrian Montigny
Naomi with Emma Clarke, our Rotary Outbound student last year
A gift from the Club.
Rotary Youth Exchange Reunion Old Home Week
In a little over two months,  the Rotary Youth Exchange Reunion event is happening. The Club's Youth Exchange Committee are all looking forward to a good time with the Club's former Exchange students. There will be people coming from all over the world. 
Itinerary Rotary Youth Exchange Reunion:

Thursday, August 17th: Any time in the afternoon in Stanhope, there will be BBQ at Jim Macnutt's cottage. Come early and enjoy some golf, beach, nature walks, or just hang out at Jim's cottage. Barbecue served at 5:30 PM with The Sizzler and there promises to be of lots of goodies. Memories and music abound! Club Rotarian's are invited to attend this event as well.
Friday, August 18th: 10:00 AM Gold Cup and Saucer Parade. Everyone loves a parade with all its floats, characters, and bands. You might even get on a float! Come and watch at a designated spot with Rotarian's near the Rotary Seniors Viewing Stand. Come before 9:30 AM since the roads are blocked. The parade will be over at noon. The rest of the day is free for the former Exchange students. Club Rotarian's are invited to this event also.

Saturday, August 19th: Free day for the former Youth Exchange students to enjoy some theatre, outdoor entertainment on Victoria Row, walk around the waterfront, enjoy the Gold Cup & Saucer horse races, play golf, and the beach. There are lots of options.

Sunday, August 20th: Island tour will be arranged for those former Youth Exchange students interested.

Monday, August 21st: Rotary luncheon meeting. The former Youth Exchange students will be our guests.
Easter Seals Campaign Wrap Up 2017

P.E I. Easter Seals campaign raises $153,500

Ambassador Cameron Gordon is proud of the accomplishment

By Natalia Goodwin, CBC News Posted: Jun 19, 2017 6:00 PM AT Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 6:00 PM AT


Ambassador Cameron Gordon and campaign chair Peter MacDougall hold up the amount raised for 2017. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC - picture by Umesh Gupta)

Easter Seals ambassador Cameron Gordon was clapped in to the Rotary meeting Monday morning that wrapped up this year's fundraising campaign, and there was a lot to celebrate.

The campaign raised $153 500 this year, to help organizations that support children with disabilities.

"Really, really awesome!" Gordon exclaimed.

Surpassed last year's total

Gordon travelled to 60 schools in three days, along with many events, to help raise the money, which is a big increase over last year's total of $117,000.  Along the way he would speak and dance, something that truly warmed his family's heart.

"Some of the times when he would get up to speak and he would just start speaking," said Cameron's mother Catherine MacInnis, adding their expectations of Cameron have always been high.  

"I would think, 'oh my god I can't believe that is coming out of my son,' so we learned that he is more capable, we really have to increase our expectations even that much more."

Easter Seals 2017

Cameron Gordon's mother, Catherine MacInnis, was at times emotional speaking about how Easter Seals has effected their family's life. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC )

In her address to the crowd, MacInnis said that Easter Seals has personally helped her family even before Cameron was ambassador, by setting them up with summer tutoring, which took a big load off of the family.

"I used to dread the spring because it was difficult enough to line up care for Cameron in the summer," said MacInnis

"It removes so much stress from a family so that we can just be healthier as a family, we're better parents to not only our child like Cameron, but other children, and we're better employees when we show up to work because we're not concerned about that other thing we're trying to address."

'Incredibly enriching'

The new ambassador will be chosen in the winter, but this experience is one the family won't forget. 

"It's been incredibly enriching for our family and for Cameron, you know he's improved and his communication skills excel, but he's also been in his element. He loves this."

Gordon agreed.

"Really, really awesome!" he said again. 



the Rotarian Magazine July, 2017 edition
The following is an Excerpt from the interview with incoming RI President Ian Riseley:
"Riseley stresses that while fun is a vital part of the organization, Rotary must make a difference in the world. At the International Assembly in January, he noted that environmental degradation threatens us all and asked every Rotary Club to plant a tree for each member as a gesture with both practical and symbolic power. 
"Rotary must do more to welcome younger people., who he says face a number of competing demands. They are interested in service and eager to do good, he stresses, but they need options. "We need to offer them an involvement that doesn't waster their time" he says. 
That's one reason he enthusiastically supports the 2016 Council on legislation decesions to give Clubs more flexibility in membership and meetings. "If you want to meet every week, and it suits your club, that's great" he says. "But there are people who can't do that, for whatever reason. To me, the flexibility is really important.""
District Conference Summary June 1st - 4th Wolfville
Day 1 & 2 Breakout Room Conference Speaker, Rose Adams, giving an inspiring speech (BREATHE) about persevering against all odds facing Racism to become a lawyer at age 31. Rose received the Ontario Premier's Award for outstanding achievement in business in 2004. Through the use of personal stories, Rose provides valuable insight to help people adjust to change, enhance leadership skills, and increase respect for self and others. This Rotarian from Barrie, Ontario now makes her living as an inspirational speaker.                                                                                                                                                                                           
Picture 1) President Wes on Day 2 addressing the Convention with an invitation to join us for the Centennial of Rotary on PEI dinner on Oct. 1, 2017 with RI President, Ian Riseley.  Picture 2)  Michael Morrison listening on Day 1 to Speaker, Graham Stookey on "Generous Leadership" (Picture 3).
Also, on Day 1 incoming Rotary Club of Charlottetown President, Paul Crant, & incoming Secretary, Melanie MacDonald, listening to either Rose Adams or Graham Stookey. Paul seems to be suffering from a lack of sleep.  
On Day 2, District Governor Elva Hegye is seen below wrapping up her year. She presented a number of Awards and special thanks to those Rotarians who represented the ideals of Service above Self. Below she is seen presenting Paul Harris Fellow Awards to District Trainers, Doug Logan and Louisa Horne (District Governor Nominee for 2019-2020). 
Day 2: Rotarians heading into the Farmers Market for supper on Day 2 with a variety of food and beverage vendors including Pete Luckett.
Guest Speaker & Rotarian, Roxanne Seaman, speaking to us about the S.M.I.L.E. program (Sensory Motor Instructional Leadership Experience). Roxanne is the Professor for Kinesiology at Acadia University and the Director of the S.M.I.L.E. program at Acadia. This program pertains to promoting physical literacy for children & youth of all ability levels and fits very well with the Rotary focus on children with challenges.   
District Student Exchange Students posing outside of the Old Orchard Inn. Cape Blomidon can be seen in the background.
Rotary Club of Summerside selected as Club of the Year. Incoming President of the Rotary Club of Summerside, Gord Coffin, accepting the Award below. 
This Club has just completed an enormous project for their community, the Inspire Learning Centre which took three years to plan and about a year to construct. The project involved the re-purposing of a surplus Federal Building into a three-floor structure, which encompasses a traditional library, and space to support a variety of community needs. The club engaged the whole community in the planning and the financing and now have a wonderful facility, that will serve the residents of Summerside long into the future. Congratulations to a Club who is not afraid to think big and work hard towards really serving the community!
Also on Day 3, we heard a presentation from Kerry Muise, President of the Rotary Club of Yarmouth & Emma Little, President of the Rotaract Club of Yarmouth. The topic of the presentation was "The Fountain of Youth - Investing in Youth Mental Health. After 3 teen suicides in Yarmouth within a few months, some members of the local Rotary Club decided they needed to try to do something about it. They brought in several high profile speakers at a reasonable cost, created a program for youth and started a Rotaract Club at the high school. Not only did this make an impact on local teens, it also reinvigorated the aging Rotary Club of Yarmouth. 
On Day 3, Incoming District Governor, Don Sword, spoke about RI & District goals for 2017-2018. Keys Goals announced were to increase the Public image of Rotary and the Environment. Incoming RI President, Ian Riseley, wants the Clubs to plant a tree for every club member in 2017-2018. Since our Club has already done that for a Centennial project, is there some other way to do something for the Environment? Please let us know what ideas you have. 
On Day 3, Peter Bevan-Baker spoke about the importance of being "Happy" and what makes people happy. People that have good jobs and income, wealth are no more happy than people who do not. Happiness is a mind set. We need to that gauge the health and well-being of people, communities and eco-systems in order to better determine the well-being and happiness of the people because measuring wealth or gross domestic product is not enough.
Head Table arriving for the Governor's Banquet on Day 3.
Governor's Banquet
Day 4 Sunday morning Service memorializing District Rotarians who passed during the last year. President Wes is seen placing 3 roses in the vase for Tom DeBlois, Harry Love, and Jack Cutcliffe.
District Governor, Elva Hegye, placing the District Governor Pin on Don Sword on Day 4.                                                           
Incoming District Governor, Don Sword, became a member of Rotary in 1989 with the Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast. He was the Club President in 1993-1994. Don played key roles in developing major projects like Topsail Beach Park and Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre. Both these projects earned RI Significant Achievement Awards for his Club. Congratulations Don.
Next year's District Conference is in St. John's, Newfoundland. Does anyone want to get Screeched in and Kiss the Cod?    
RI Atlanta Convention Highlights
Key Highlights from the Convention include:
  • Outstanding speech by Andrew Young - first black mayor of Atlanta and human rights activist encouraging us to keep doing the "impossible".
  • Ashton Kutcher - actor and co-founder of Thorn - to end slavery and human and child sex trafficking...and asking Rotarian to support that cause. Once the End Polio Now campaign is accomplished, it is expected that the focus of Rotary is going to shift to another initiative to end Human Trafficking.
  • Presentation by Brittany Arthur - President of the Rotaract Club of Berlin - if every Rotarian invited one Rotaractor to join their Rotary Club, we would have 2.4 million members!
  • Speech by Ian Riseley incoming RI President 2017-18 - Ian is a passionate environmentalist and asks every Rotarian to plant a tree in the upcoming Rotary year. 
  • Introduction of RI President nominee - 2018-19 - Samuel "Sam" F. Owari from Uganda. (Owori is chief executive officer of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda. Before that, he was executive director of the African Development Bank, managing director of Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd., and director of Uganda Development Bank. He has studied law, employment relations, business management, corporate resources management, micro-finance, and marketing at institutions in England, Japan, Switzerland, Tanzania, and the United States, including Harvard Business School.)
  • "Countdown to 0"- renewed commitment to eradicate Polio and the donation of a combined $1.2 billion from Governments and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Bill Gates speech on Rotary's incredible work with Polio Eradication - only 5 wild polio virus cases this year (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria).  In the 1980's there were over 350,000 cases every year.
Our Club's Martin Ruben, was at the RI Convention in Atlanta with 40,000 other people. It was the RI Foundation's 100th anniversary, so the focus was on the End Polio Now program. On Monday, June 12, 2017, Martin sent the following update back to the Club, where Bill Gates & RI President John Germ made a major announcement. 
Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, strengthened their foundations commitment to Rotary with the exciting announcement that it will expand its match agreement with Rotary. Contributions to Rotary for polio eradication will be matched 2-1 up to $50 million per year through the next three years. There were pledges from a variety of sources. The biggest contributor is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which pledged $450-million; Rotary International, the service club that has made ridding the world of polio its mission, will contribute $150-million, Nigeria $140-million, Pakistan (via the Islamic Development Bank) $100-million, Canada $75-million, and a host of other donors totalling $1.2 billion (U.S. dollars.). The Global Polio Eradication Initiative aims to eradicate the childhood disease by 2020.
Bruce Rainnie - A Look Back: My Life at CBC PEI
Former CBC PEI Anchor, Bruce Rainnie, was back to visit with us on June 5th to and speak about his days with CBC PEI. He told us some stories that never made it to his autobiography. Fred the Fiddler MacDonald, and CBC producer, Tracy Lightfoot, were in attendance, also to cheer on their friend.
Co-Chair, Erin McGrath-Gaudet, with Bruce, and meeting Chair, Scott McEwen
Club member Gordon Tweedy with CBC Compass Producer, Tracy Lightfoot, Bruce Rainnie, and Fred "The Fiddler" MacDonald.
STAR Program last Installment June 12th
Prior to our Club meeting on June 12th, we had Club Members, Chelsey Rogerson and Paul Crant , lead a meeting of the STAR Program on the use of our Clubrunner website, a tour of the Club's Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin profiles and what you can do to support the Club in its Social Media strategy. Thank you to those who attended. This was the last installment of the STAR program. The STAR program will likely be started again late in the Calendar year.
Chelsey Rogerson with the attendees during her presentation on June 12th.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Apr 23, 2018
SHAD UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering
Apr 30, 2018
Highlights of the 2018 PEI Budget / Della Parker- Volunteer Award
May 07, 2018
PEI Ground Search & Rescue.............STAR 11:15 Youth Exchange/Rotaract
May 14, 2018
Friends of UPEI -Calgary
May 21, 2018
Victoria Day
May 28, 2018
Canadians Learning Code -" Learning" is the verb
Jun 04, 2018
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Jun 11, 2018
Atlantic Food Hub Pilot
Jun 18, 2018
Easter seals Wrap Up
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